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About the Company


JSC “SED-SPb” (Svetlana Electron Devices – St.Petersburg) is a subsidiary of JSC “Svetlana” and is founded in 1992 on the basis of scientific and production “Svetlana” enterprises that produced power transmitting and receiving tubes.


JSC “SED-SPb” is a leading enterprise in Russia and in the world in field of development and production of power transmitting, modulator, regulator and receiving tubes for use in broadcasting, TV, communications, scientific researches, medicine, industrial applications, and for armature and Hi-Fi audio equipment.


Besides, JSC “SED-SPb” produces electron transit-beam power pentodes (Svetrodes), and TV amplifiers on the base of Svetrode.


JSC “SED-SPb” delivers electron tubes for domestic and world markets.


JSC “SED-SPb” produces high-quality products owing to long experience (electron tubes developed and produced by of JSC “SED-SPb” are well-known in domestic and world markets since 1920), highly skilled engineers, modern technologies of metal-working, forming, ceramic/metal production, emitting and antiemitting coating, welding, thermal treatment, high-vacuum pumping, etc.




  • Carries out scientific researches to develop new electron tubes;

  • Develops and produces original tubes on special orders of domestic OEM;

  • Develops and produces analogues of foreign tubes compatible with foreign equipment in full.

  • Consults in respect to replacement of foreign tubes by domestic ones and if it necessary makes replacement to modernize equipment;

  • Purchases power transmitting tubes operated in equipment of the customer; the tubes of the same type can be delivered to the customer to the equal sum;

  • Carries out parts mechanoprocessing and forming;

  • Manufactures ceramic parts and ceramic/metal assemblies.


Our address:

Engels pr., 27, 194156, St.Petersburg, Russia

Phone: (812) 777-6368

Fax: (812) 554-0371

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