GU-140B Печать


A ceramic/metal tetrode with direct-heated cathode with forced air cooling, with plate dissipation of 50 kW intended for use in AM amplifiers, class E key oscillators and class D key modulators at frequencies up to 30 MHz.


General characteristics



Filament voltage 18 V

Filament current at 18 V 380 A

Filament - mesh, thoriated tungsten

Plate current in pulse 100 А

at Ua=4 kV, Ug2=1750 V, Ug1=130 V

Interelectrode capacitances (cathode grounded):

Input 650 pF

Output 77 pF

Feedback 2,6 pF

Maximum frequency 30 MHz


Maximum dimensions:

Height 535 mm

Diameter 301,5 mm

Weight 48 kg


Air forced

Maximum temperature of envelope 250о С


Maximum ratings


DC plate voltage:

with no modulation 15 kV

with grid-plate modulation (m=1) 12,5 kV

DC screen voltage:

with no modulation 1,8 kV

with grid-plate modulation (m=0,7) 1,0 kV

Grid voltage, negative 600 V

Plate dissipation 50 kW

Screen dissipation 2,5 kW

Grid dissipation 0,5 kW

Frequency 30 MHz

Typical operation (carrier conditions)


Frequency 30 MHz

Filament voltage 18 V

DC Plate voltage 12 kV

DC Screen voltage 750 V

Grid voltage, negative 490 V

DC Plate current 10,5 А

DC Screen current 1,24 А

DC Grid current 0,74 А

Output power 100kW